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Curriculum Vitae / Resume Preparation /Interview Guide by

1. Don't put too many qualifications in your CV , that you are not really good at

For instance we used to see a lot of * Diploma in Java , * Diploma in Video Editing , *Diploma in Sound Mixing.... lot of candidates' CVs but they are unable to answer any questions relevant to the Diplomas.

2. Attach a colour photograph of you in the resume .

A photograph of you will give a personal touch for the employer who is just browsing hundreds of resumes a day. Use a recently taken colour photograph (Passport Size !)in formal dress.



How is it ? a CV with a photograph is more attractive right ?



This is a CV without a photograph- Less Attractive !


3. Put your working experience

It is important to note ,that you have to put your working experiences(if you have any)with the names of the companies you worked already. We have received lot of resumes ,where people are asking for a higher pay without any working experience just after doing A/L s . No employer will be happy to offer a Job for such people.

If you don't have working experience it is not a problem ,still you can apply for a job but you should be ready to work for a small salary during the training period ,so choose your salary expectation to a reasonable range in the online application here at

4. Clearly Mention your area of Interests (Type of job you like)

What are the areas do you like to work ? ,if you don't have any particular interest ,then it is hard to get a job with higher salary.(But for a fresher it is not an issue)

5. Don't put any false information in your CV

6.You should put an email ID and a mobile number as minimum contact channels in your CV

7.You will be blacklisted and permanently removed from our data base ,if you don't attend a schedule interview !!!


Email is the faster mode of communication today ,if you don't have one create it ,it is free !

More tips to come..await for updates...

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